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Kockum Landsverk

In 1947, both Euclid and AB Kockum Landsverk were selling their first rigid haulers. In 1982 the Kockum rigid haulers were incorporated into the product program and were soon branded Volvo BM. Manufacture at AB Kockum Landsverk ceased in 1991.

At the time of acquisition of the construction division of Kockums, they produced both rigid and articulated haulers. The articulated hauler production was soon phased out in favour of the Volvo BM articulated haulers.

• 1948 The name of the company Aktiebolaget Landsverk, was changed to AB Kockum Landsverk in conjunction with the acquisition of the majority stake by Kockums Mekaniska Verkstadsaktiebolag.
• 1972 Excavator production was sold to Akermans Verkstad AB in Eslöv, Sweden.
• 1980 AB Kockum Landsverk was purchased by Kalmar Verkstads AB.
• 1982 Kalmar Verkstads sold AB Kockum Landsverk to AB Volvo BM.