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Luber-Finer Filters Electronic Product Catalog

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Product Description

The Luber-finer application provides quick product search, product cross-reference information. Covers all Luber-finer filters and allows users to search by make, model and year with up-to-date specifications and data for all filter applications.

Luber-finer® catalogs are a great resource for your filter needs:
• Automotive and Light Trucks Applications Catalog
• Medium/Heavy-Duty Applications Catalog
• Cross Reference and Principal Applications

Cross Ref.
When you select this option you will notice the "Mfg. Interchanges" tab at the
bottom of the page left is shaded indicating the function you are in. From here
you type in a competitive filter part number, which will be displayed in the
white search box, and press the "ENTER" key and the equivalent Luber-finer
filter will be located. It is not necessary to include dashes, spaces, slashes,
etc. however, you may include them if you desire. After entering a competitive
number you may select the "Browse Mfg. Filters." tab and the window will display
a browse list which will display competitive filter numbers, manufacturer and
the Luber-finer cross reference. After locating a Luber-finer cross from either
of these methods you may then select the "Our Filter" tab to display
specifications for that particular Luber-finer filter. The image button is
again available to display a photo style.

Dim. Search
When the dimensional search window is opened a warning is displayed indicating
the dangers associated with application of filters based on size only. It is
important that you verify the correct filters for an application based on the
application section of the catalog and the OEM filter number. After responding
to the warning you will be placed in the "Query" window. Click on the down
arrow to the right of the "Product Line" box to display a list of the filter
types and select one. Click in the circle to the left of "Inches" or "MM" to
search by imperial or metric dimensions. Now you may click on the "Dimension"
box and click on the down arrow to display a list of searchable dimensions.
Next, go to the "From Value" box and type in the dimension you wish to search
for. If you wish to search for filters that fit a dimensional range place the
smaller dimension in the "From" box and the larger dimension in the "To" box and
click the "Search" button. To display the filters that meet your search
parameters click the "Browse Filters" tab to display a list of the filters that
met the criteria or click the "Specifications" tab to display the specification
of the filters individually. Again you may display photo styles or competitive
crosses to Luber-finer filters.

Selecting this function provides an electronic version of the Automotive and
Light Truck application catalog for vehicles marketed in North America. Type in
the year of the vehicle you want to find filters for and press the "ENTER" key.
Next, enter the make of the vehicle, you may type the first letter and then
select the model from the drop down list. Enter the model, you may type the
model or select from the drop down menu. A list is now displayed from which you
must select the correct engine configuration. Click on the appropriate vehicle
and engine description then click the "Filters" tab at the bottom of the window
to display the correct filters for the vehicle. It is possible to view the
specifications for this filter by clicking on the "Specifications" tab at the
bottom of the page.

Heavy Duty
This option allows you to identify the correct filters to use on heavy duty
applications. Simply type in the make and model of the equipment then select
the proper equipment from the list that is displayed. Finally, click on the
filters tab to list the filters for this equipment. As in all screens, you may
also view specifications and other information regarding this filter by selecting
one of the other tabs at the bottom of the screen.

In 1979, Luber-finer® became part of Champion Laboratories.
Today, Champion Laboratories is one of the world’s largest makers of vehicle parts. This strong and vibrant affiliation provides an ideal platform for introducing Luber-finer® and its reliable OEM-grade quality products to a global customer base.

Luber-finer® has combined engineering and manufacturing prowess with superior customer service to become one of the world’s most trusted filter brands. Luber-finer® has earned a reputation for offering quality filtration solutions for all automotive, on-highway trucking, and off-road trucks/vehicles, marine, mining, construction, agricultural and oil & gas industry applications.

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Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Cross Reference, Interchange, Product Guide
Size: 683MB
Region: All Regions
Version: v3.99 /2009
Language: English
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (32 Bit-x86 & 64 Bit-x64)