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Renault Trucks Impact Offline DVD Spare Parts Catalog and Technical Service Information

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Product Description

Renault Trucks Impact is a comprehensive catalog of spare parts for Renault Trucks, which provides detailed technical information on repair, diagnostics, service bulletins, and diagrams, all aimed at facilitating efficient and effective maintenance of these vehicles.

Renault Impact DVD Information

Impact is a web based system that supports the workshops with information about Parts, Components, Standard parts, Service, Standard time, and Tools.

Impact DVD gives you the possibility to search and read Service and spare Part information from Volvo Group. The Impact DVD is a real stand-alone solution of Impact Online. All information is stored locally on a server or hard drive and there is no communication to other systems. Impact DVD is also to be used as an emergency backup when working with the online version.

How to perform a search

The Menu bar contains a number of tabs where you can search for parts, components, standard parts, service information, standard times, and tools. The search is done in a similar way in all tabs. The only thing that differs are the search settings. You need to know which vehicle that is concerned, and the area you are interested in by selecting function group. You can also add additional search values to narrow down the search result.

Search combinations

To perform a search you have to specify chassis ID, VIN, Registration number, Unit number or model. In the table below you can see the different search combinations that you can do.

• Chassis ID: Enter a chassis ID. The chassis ID contains two fields: chassis series and chassis number.

• Chassis number (partial search): Enter a chassis number. A partial search for a chassis ID will be performed. The matching chassis IDs will be displayed in a list that you can choose from.

• Chassis number + Model (partial search): Enter a chassis number and select a model. A partial search for a chassis ID will be performed. The matching chassis IDs for the selected model will be displayed in a list that you can choose from.

• VIN: Enter a VIN. The VIN shall contain 17 characters.

• Model: Select a model from the drop-down list.

Search for parts

• Parts Catalogue: Information about all vehicle parts.

• Chemicals: Information about Chemicals. Note! Chemicals data is only available for some markets.

• Exchange: Information about exchange core handling.

• TPI (Technical Parts Information): Information that describes complex part solutions.

Additional search values

• Part No.: Enter a part number. The part number search supports wildcard searches for some markets. To do a wildcard search user needs to enter at least three characters and then an asterisk (*) at the end of the value. For some markets this wildcard search is not allowed, so user will get a pop up informing them if trying.

• Part description: Enter a part description.

• Title: Enter part of the title.

• Supersessions: Enter a part number and find out if it has been superseded by another part number.

• Identity: Enter an identity. You can find the identity in the Details tab.

• Chassis via Identity: Enter an identity to find the chassis IDs where the identity is used. By selecting a chassis ID in the search result, information for that specific identity and chassis ID will be displayed.

Information types

The service information is divided into different information types. This helps you to narrow down your search result and to reduce response time.

• All service information: Search among all information types.

• Bulletins/Information: Rebuilding information for tools and, for North America, campaign-related information as well.

• Campaigns: This is only available for some users. Major quality issues on vehicles out in the fields has to be solved by a quality campaign.

• Description, Design and Function: Design, function, operation, and location of components and systems.

• Diagnostics: Work operations for fault tracing symptoms and fault codes. Fault code information.

• Forms: Various forms and protocols.

• General information: Information which cannot be related to a special function or component, i.e. welding, fault tracing or abbreviations.

• Repair: Work operations for correcting identified faults, i.e. replacement, overhaul, adjustment, checking, as well as removal/refitting, dismantling/assembly.

• Schematic diagrams: Wiring diagrams and braking diagrams etc. Some vehicles will have wiring diagram that is displayed by a SVG image and needs SVG viewer to be installed on the computer to be able to display the diagrams.

• Service and maintenance: Descriptions and work operations of a preventive nature, i.e. in conjunction with delivery, warranty claims and regular service.

• Specifications: Specifications of components, systems, tightening torque, etc.

• Technical Service Bulletins: An information more rapidly distributed to the Market Company/importer on actions that can be taken regarding a solution to a certain technical problem that has occurred on specific vehicles.

Tech Tool

If an Impact DVD is installed to a client with Tech Tool application, the application will be installed as a sub-application to Tech Tool and as a separate client. You access Impact DVD through the TechTool menu, as you do with the other TechTool sub-applications or through the Start menu.

Impact DVD v9118 (06.2021) Model List (Only EURO 6 vehicles are covered)

C 2STEPS Series Construction Trucks

C(RT) Series Construction Trucks

D ACCESS Series Distribution Trucks

D NARROW Series Distribution Trucks

D WIDE Series Distribution Trucks



K (RT) Series Heavy Construction Trucks

T Series Long Haul Trucks

T HIGH Series Long Haul Trucks


Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog, Service Information, Service and Maintenance, Service Bulletins, Repair Manual, Schematic Diagrams, Diagnostics, Standard Parts, Standard Times, Technical Parts Information, General Information, Specification Manual
Size: 21.4GB
Region: All Regions
Version: 06.2021 v9118
Language: Multilanguage
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (32 Bit-x86 & 64 Bit-x64)