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AGCO Feucht GmbH is a German manufacturer of agricultural equipment based in Feucht, Germany. The FELLA name has been a byword for innovative agricultural machinery from Franconia for over a century. AGCO GmbH currently holds a top position in the demanding forage harvesting machinery sector. With a comprehensive range of drum and disc mower machines, tedders and rakes, FELLA is in an excellent position to enjoy sustainable growth on the world market. FELLA has been wholly owned by the AGCO Corporation since 2011. The Feucht site, located near Nuremberg, is AGCO's global centre of excellence for green forage harvesting.

In 2004, Fella was acquired by ARGO, who decided that their subsidiary company, Laverda, would become the parent company of Fella. In 2007, it became necessary for ARGO to sell 50% of Laverda. They sold that 50% to AGCO and in late 2010 AGCO announced its intentions to buy the remaining shares of Laverda, thereby purchasing Fella-Werke GmbH as well. This purchase was finalized in March 2011. AGCO Feucht GmbH is still located in Feucht, Germany. The present product range is focused on forage harvest implements: mowers, tedders, and rakes. AGCO Feucht is still known for having the largest forage harvesting product range, as well as professional sized machinery.