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Fiat-Allis was a brand of heavy equipment (also called construction equipment, earthmoving equipment, or engineering vehicles), such as loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, scrapers, and graders. It began in 1974 when Allis-Chalmers's construction equipment business was reorganized into a joint venture with Fiat SpA.

Over the next decade, Fiat continued to invest in Fiat-Allis, more so than Allis-Chalmers did. The two parent firms disagreed on decisions made at, and about, Fiat-Allis. In 1985, the joint venture ended. Cooperation with Hitachi yielded Fiat-Hitachi branding for some years. Fiat-Allis was eventually sold to CNH, of which Fiat is a major stockholder. CNH retired the Fiat-Allis brand and merged the company's assets with others from Case and New Holland Machine Company. CNH's construction equipment line is called New Holland Construction.