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Grégoire is the brand for vineyard and olive grove specialists, with machines for grape and olive harvesting.
Same Deutz-Fahr (SDF) is an Italian family firm specialized in agricultural machinery. Founded in 1942 in Treviglio (Bergamo), SDF has survived and thrived in a highly concentrated market by building its success on the ability to upgrade its products through continuous innovation. At the same time, breaking away from the competition, the Italian Group forged ahead with intense cross-border growth.

After an initial internationalization phase in the ‘60s, in 1995 the company bought out Deutz-Fahr, a German company with public participation, creating the Same Deutz-Fahr Group. Then the following year, SDF opened a factory in India. In 2005 it was ĐuroĐakovic’s turn in Croazia; here the outcome was Same Deutz-Fahr Combines. Grégoire came next in France, in 2011. That same year saw a joint venture with Shandong Changlin Machinery in China.