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Honda Motor Company, Ltd is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment.

Honda launched the T360 mini truck in 1963 to become the last major domestic automaker to enter the Japanese automotive market. A second model, the S500 sports car, then followed in the T360’s footsteps to form a pair of vehicles equipped with Japan’s first DOHC automobile engine and to make Honda’s debut with a full complement of distinctive innovation.
Ever since, Honda’s automobile business has been filled with a challenging spirit for creating new value in every area including technology development and manufacturing. And now following Honda's 2030 Vision, Honda will strive to electrify two-thirds of global automobile unit sales in 2030.

After World War II, the use of auxiliary engines mounted on bicycles spread quickly in Japan, making it easier for people to move around and transport goods. This was the starting point of manufacturing for Honda. Ever since, Honda has given shape to wide-ranging joys and the fun of riding on two wheels, through such products as the Super Cub, which reached 100 million units milestone in 2017. Have been produced globaly since Honda started motorcycle production in 1949. Honda is now producing at 33 plants in 22 countries.

Power Products
Honda Power Products operations started with the desire to apply engine technologies in ways useful for people’s daily lives and work situations. Beginning in 1953 with a general-purpose engine developed for agricultural equipment, Honda has provided an accumulated total of more than 100 million a multitude of power products including tillers, generators, snow throwers, outboard engines, and lawnmowers to customers worldwide.