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With its Swiss background, Hürlimann is a historical brand marketing tractors with the utmost attention to detail. The long history of the Hürlimann brand centres around the figure of Hans Hürlimann, the son of a farmer who was able to make use of his training as a mechanic/fitter in the mechanical factory of August Hoegger in Wil (Canton of St. Gallen), where he became sales manager in 1926 and later founded a company which would stretch beyond the Swiss borders - thanks to the production of tractors for agriculture, industry and the army.

At the end of the 1970s, the heirs of Hans Hürlimann made a proposal to Vittorio Carozza – who had been at the helm of SAME for a few years, who replaced Francesco Cassani – to take over the company. The deal was concluded quickly to the satisfaction of both parties: in 1979 SAME officially became “SAME Lamborghini Hürlimann” (SLH). The parent company is now called SAME Deutz-Fahr (SDF Group).