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Vibromax was a German manufacturer of Rollers and Compaction equipment. The brand name VIBROMAX – constitutes a combination of the words "Vibration Maximal". The company is synonymous with dynamic soil compaction. Vibromax has been manufacturing compaction equipment for more than 60 years. The full product range consists of single-drum soil compactors, vibratory tandem rollers, trench rollers and light equipment such as tampers and plates.

In 2005 the Vibromax GmbH Management decided to sell the Vibromax range to JCB. After the completion of sale and merger of all locations and subsidiaries (early 2007). The name of the product range now was changed to JCB Vibromax. With the introduction of JCB's new logo in 2012, the JCB Vibromax brand was phased out in favour of the sole JCB brand.