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KCM loaders have a rich heritage of quality, technology and outstanding support. The origins of KCM loaders can be traced to 1962 when Kawasaki Heavy Industries built their first articulated wheel loader in Japan. As one of the largest heavy industries in Japan, Kawasaki provided a depth of engineering expertise that eventually made their wheel loader a major global player. A joint venture with Hitachi Construction Machinery Group was entered into in 2010 to further develop the global scope of the wheel loader product. This relationship combined the huge technological and manufacturing resources of Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi Construction Machinery Group together to develop the Z7 series of wheel loaders.

In 2015 Hitachi Construction Machinery bought 100% of KCM Corporation's stock transitioning to KCMA Corporation. In 2018 HCM took the reins transitioning KCMA Corporation to Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc. (HCMA), furthering their commitment to the North American market by introducing the HITACHI brand wheel loader line, offering outstanding parts availability, an unmatched factory component exchange program, customer and dealer training programs, and a wide range of services and programs.