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January 1st 2000 marks a name change for the range of compact excavators manufactured by Volvo Construction Equipment. Previously branded Pel-Job, they from that day carry the name Volvo and the Volvo product designations have been adopted. The change follows the earlier acquisition of the French company by Volvo Construction Equipment.
The latest generation compact excavators was introduced in Europe in 1999, with four new models in the 2,5 to 4,5 t range. As with all Volvo construction equipment, the compact excavator line develops impressive levels of performance and technological advances.

In 1995 the French compact machine manufacturer Pel-Job Group became part of the company.

 The first two machines in a new generation of compact excavators were introduced at Intermat in 1997 – EB150 and EB200.

Major improvements on the new machines include reduced operating space requirement, increased bucket force and tractive power, greater lateral offset, increased clearances all-round and greater excavation depth and dumping height.


In 1995 the French compact machine manufacturer Pel-Job Group became part of Volvo Construction Equipment.
Soon the compact wheel loaders were discontinued in favour of the compact excavator line