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Steiger is a tractor brand that is manufactured in the United States. The Steiger Tractor Company was founded in the 1950s by Douglass Steiger and Maurice Steiger, brothers who were farmers near Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. The Steiger Tractor Company was unmatched in 4wd choices.  Unfortunately, the economy of the 1980s did not allow farmers to afford so many tractor options in the high horsepower class.  Sales dropped off and the Steiger factory was only producing at a quarter of its capacity.  In 1986 Steiger Tractor Company was purchased by Tenneco the parent company of Case.

Case IH, formed from the merger of Tenneco's Case with the agricultural arm of International Harvester, purchased Steiger in 1986, and the familiar lime-green color of Steiger's was retired as CIH's red took over. The Steiger name disappeared for a while, but was re-introduced on the 4WD tractors in Case IH's stable as their flagship line, they can also be purchased as a New Holland.