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Steinbock Boss

On December 17, 1922 - two independent manufacturers "Maschinenfabrik München - Moosburg GmbH" and "Sämaschinenfabrik Moosburg" joined forces to create "STEINBOCK AG" Moosburg. The first couple of years found Steinbock producing farm equipment. By hearsay the name  " STEINBOCK " was selected by agreement of the four founding members. The name represents astrological sign of the oldest member. The "Steinbock" symbol in German represents "Capricorn".

In 1983, Steinbock is included in the international Boss Group. This corporate giant has production facilities in Spain, England, and Germany. The group produces the most comprehensive complete forklift programs available in the World. Equipment includes Pallet Jack transports to 50 ton container handlers. In 1994, Jungheinrich acquired the Steinbock und Boss Group. In 2002, the Group brands MIC, Steinbock and Boss were abandoned and since then, trucks have only been sold under the Jungheinrich brand name.