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Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) is an integrated manufacturer of industrial machinery, automatic weaponry, ships, bridges and steel structure, equipment for environmental protection, including recycling, power transmission equipment, plastic molding machines, laser processing systems, particle accelerators, material handling systems, cancer diagnostic and treatment equipment and others. Sumitomo Heavy Industries was founded in 1888 (Meiji 21) as a machine shop when it started manufacturing and repairing machinery and tools used at the Besshi Cooper Mine. Today, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is a comprehensive machinery maker that manufactures goods ranging from general machinery and advanced precision machinery to construction machinery, ships, and environmental plant facilities.

Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co, Ltd. (SCM) is a construction machinery manufacturer with world-class development capabilities and manufacturing technologies. Cumulative production of hydraulic excavators, a well-known SCM product, has reached 210,000 units, and Sumitomo excavators are in service worldwide. SCM recently enriched the excavator product line by adding models for special applications such as metal scrap handling, demolition, and forestry. The company also holds the top market share in Japan for asphalt finishers used for road paving. The story of Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. (SCM) business can be traced back to 1968 when a technology alliance was formed with the US construction machinery manufacturer, Link-Belt.