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VERSATILE has the claim of being the first North American manufacturer to mass-produce and market articulated four-wheel drive tractors. Since Versatile opened more than 50 years ago, the plant on Clarence Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has built over 100,000 tractors. Currently, the plant builds fixed-frame front-wheel assist tractors from 175 to 365 horsepower and articulated four-wheel drives and DeltaTrack models from 405 to 620, designed on the cornerstones of reliability, durability, and ease of service and maintenance. The Versatile brand, known historically for four-wheel drive tractors, has expanded to include front-wheel assist tractors, self-propelled sprayers, precision seeding & tillage equipment, and combines.

In 1987, Ford New Holland bought Versatile. Ford New Holland quickly started assimilating the Versatile range of tractors, the decals were replaced with the Ford name and Versatile name was reduced in size and placed below the model number. In 1991, Fiat Geotech purchases Ford New Holland to create New Holland. Then in 1999, New Holland merges with Case Corporation to create CNH Global, as part of this merger Versatile had to be sold, as the Case Corporation had the Steiger brand since 1986. Versatile was sold to Buhler Industries Incorporated and branded the tractors as Buhler-Versatile. In 2007, Russian farm machinery manufacturer Rostselmash Inc acquired a majority stake in Buhler and returned to the Versatile name.