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Baldwin Filters Electronic Product Catalog Offline

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Product Description

To find the right filter for your equipment, Baldwin Filters' eCatalog is a helpful tool. You can easily search for Baldwin products by entering the part number or application. Additionally, you can use the Cross-Reference feature to find the equivalent filter for competitor numbers or to obtain more information about Baldwin products.

This is a straightforward lookup of the application you are trying to find. You must select Vehicle Type first. After all selections are made, you will see a screen which looks like the one below. If there is more than one engine shown, filter information is shown for the first engine. By clicking on other engines the filters for that engine are then displayed. At any time, you may click on a part number to see any filter specifications from the Product Guide screen. You can return to the Applications screen from the Product Guide by clicking on the Close button.

Allows you to search for cross-references. You may search for multiple competitive crosses at one time. Search for multiple numbers by hitting the down arrow to enter each succeeding number to be crossed. When you are finished entering numbers to be crossed, hit Enter. You will then view the results of the search. You may Print the Cross-References, or export these results to Excel by selecting the Export to Excel button on the left of the screen. You must select where you want this file saved and name your file when you save it.

Product Guide
This function lets you view specifications and pricing information by entering the Baldwin part number. Metric equivalents are shown in the far right column where applicable. You may search, move forward, move back or print using the buttons located on the bottom of the screen.

Quote by Part
This function lets you quote a single, or series of, Baldwin filters to a customer. You now must enter a Baldwin number into the Number box. Hit your Enter key. You then enter the quantity of that part number you would like to quote. Now hit Enter key. You must enter the discount in whole numbers. If you discount is 24%, you only need to type in 24 with no decimal. This discount will be the default discount. Now hit your Enter key. If you would like to add another part to the list, you must click on View Another Part. Add the next part number and the quantity. Hit Enter to move past the discount. After all numbers have been entered, click Click to Save or Print Quote by Part Information located on the bottom right of your screen. You may now save, append or print this quote detail by selecting the appropriate box on the bottom of the screen.

Baldwin’s team of engineers continually looks for ways to improve product. Working from the basic filtration design and using the latest technology like 3-D CAD modeling and stereo lithographic prototyping, the engineering group leads the way with innovative, patented designs such as Radial Seal air filters, self-venting drain valves for fuel/water separators and controlled release coolant products.

Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Cross Reference, Interchange, Product Guide
Size: 746MB
Region: All Regions
Version: v1.2 /04.2009
Language: English
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (32 Bit-x86 & 64 Bit-x64)