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CLARK Forklift Trucks PartsPRO PLUS Spare Parts Catalog & Service Manual

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Product Description

PartsPRO PLUS is CLARK’s complete parts and service documentation system for identifying CLARK OEM parts for CLARK’s entire product offerings. PartsPRO PLUS is made available to all authorized dealers worldwide and is currently available in six different languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Korean.

PartsPRO Plus for your Parts and Service Professionals documents: using the truck serial number to identify CLARK OEM parts, cross reference parts information, Service Manuals, Planned Maintenance Manuals, Adjustment Manuals, Overhaul Manuals, Training Manuals, Service Information Bulletins, and diagnostic software for IC and Electric trucks systems. PartsPRO Plus documents over 800,000 trucks, from 1962 to current production.

To ensure you’re Parts and Service team has the most accurate information, PartsPRO Plus is updated every three weeks through a secure automated process for authorized CLARK dealers only. PartsPRO Plus updates include new and updated data files, Technical Information Bulletins, Service Bulletins, new and/or revised illustrations, and new truck documentation for models released into the market.

Product Identification Cards (PICs)
The Product Identification Card or the PIC is best described as the Birth Certificate or Line Card of the truck. PartsPRO PLUS documents all of the PICs by the machine serial number and should always be the first place you begin your search for parts and service documentation for that machine. The PIC is the only place the Options, Major Components and all available manuals for Parts, Service, and Operator are located for that machine. Searching the PIC first will speed up identifying the correct parts and service documentation for that machine while minimizing machine down time for your customer.
PartsPRO Plus has most of the PICs available from 1967 to current production. The PICs from 1992 to current production are available in the electronic files; PICs from 1967 to 1992 are only available as a scanned or PDF copy.

Quick Reference Index (QRI)
The Quick Reference Index (QRI) is an index of all of the illustrations that document the standard truck. The QRI will not typically include the Upright, Carriages, Attachments or Options, those items will only be found on the PIC. To open the QRI, input the truck serial number into the serial number fields and select the QRI button.

Additional Parts and Service Information button
The Additional Parts and Service Information button will open to an index of many links to the CLARK Intranet system that will help you in locating thousands of parts and service information topics.

Print button
The Print button will print the items you are viewing on the screen; ie. If you are viewing the PIC, the PIC will be printed. If you have a BOM for an assembly opened, the BOM will be printed. If you are opened to an illustration from within an assembly, the illustration with the parts listing will be printed but if you select the Key Number tab at the top of the BOM or if you have opened the illustration from the QRI, then the illustration along with the key number and key number description will be printed.

Bookmark button
This Bookmark button can be used to save/open to a specific truck serial number to/from a listing of the truck serial numbers you use most often. After you have entered the truck serial number into PartsPRO Plus, and decide to add it to your list of saved serial numbers, select this Bookmark button to open the list box. Select the add button to add your truck serial number to the list.

Shopping Cart button
The Shopping Cart button will open your current shopping cart if you have already added parts to the cart, or selecting this button before adding any part numbers will open to a listing on all Shopping Carts previously opened on your PC and also let you create a new cart or search for an older shopping cart.

Partslist button
PartsPRO Plus incorporates a Partslist function to create some useful lists of parts for any truck serial number, PM list, 2,000 Hour list, Dealer Suggested Stocking List, Fluid List or Filter list. Select the link above to open the Partslist instructions.

Truck Serial Number Note button
Truck Serial Number Note button alows you to keep any notes you wish on any truck serial number. After the PIC or QRI has been opened for a specific truck serial number, selecting this button will open to a text window where you can enter in any notes you wish, new options added, upright changed to, truck sold to, last major PM completed on, etc. If a note has been added to the truck serial number, any time the PIC or QRI is opened, the Note tool button will be highlighted in YELLOW to indicate the presents of a note. Click on the button to open the not for viewing, editing, deleting or printing of the note.

SI Bulletin button
The Service Information Bulletin (SI) button is used to open either the US or European Service Information Bulletins that have been written by the Service Engineers here at CLARK. These bulletins contain information of a variety of service items including troubleshooting help, hints, tip, etc. These bulletins are intended for the technicians, both in-house and your customers if they perform their own service. The bulletins are indexed using the group numbers just as PartsPRO Plus, i.e. 00 = Engine Group, 19 = Control Panel Group, 34 = Upright Group, etc. There is also a button to open to a list of the latest 25 bulletins that have been released. This list should be reviewed frequently to see what has been released.

TI Bulletin button
The Technical Information Bulletin button will open to an input window where you would input the TI Bulletin number. The TI Bulletins are part number crosses but need some type of explanation to go along with the cross. It may also be an aide in determining the correct parts used on your truck. In most cases, the TI will be referenced when decoding a part number and you only need to click on the link to open the TI. .There are some cases where a TI Bulletin may be referred to you from an SI Bulletin or someone here at CLARK. In that case you would use this button, input the TI Bulletin number and select Enter on your keyboard to open the bulletin.

Manual Update Download button
The Manual Update Download button can be used to check for new updates to the PartsPRO Plus system. PartsPRO Plus will automatically check for available updates on a regular basis but by clicking on this button you can start the download program manually and if an update is available, it will be downloaded and then you will be prompted to run the update.

Part Information Box
The Part Information box (window) formation will notify the user of all additional parts information; such as parts crosses to or from another part number, crosses to a TI Bulletin, No Longer Available parts (NLA), Serviceable Parts, Part Photo available and Parts Notes that have been added.

Illustration Search
The Illustration search function is used to open any illustration in PartsPRO PLUS. The Illustration number must be entered correctly, i.e. 23-150. Users cannot decode from the illustrations when under the “Illustration” search function unless the correct truck serial number is listed in the Serial Number fields in PartsPRO Plus. This is a very handy tool when a customer calls and tells you he is looking for a particular part on a particular illustration. You can easily input the illustration number and view the same illustration he is referring to.

Serial Number Search
The Serial Number Search is used to view or print the history of a particular key number to a series model of trucks. This search uses the Series portion (ALPHA, CAP, and SUF) of whatever is entered into the serial number input fields to search for any of the input key number links to the series. In the example below, we are searching on the 00.000 (engine) key number and PartsPRO Plus responds with a listing of all the engines tied to this series of trucks. It also lists the sequence and lot numbers of each part number to show where it was used. This tool can be handy trying to find a part number that may work on your older CLARK truck if the part number that has been decoded is NLA and you are trying to find another part number that may work in its place.

Part Information Search
Part information search allows the user to quickly identify part information by entering a part number and pressing the Enter key on your keyboard or clicking on the OK button. In the below example entering part number 8056320 and clicking on the OK button the Part Information Box is now displayed. Now the user sees the same part information as would be decoded from an illustration.
The Part Information Box will notify the user of all additional parts information; such as parts crosses to or from another part number, related TI Bulletins, No Longer Available parts (NLA) parts, Serviceable Parts, Part Photo available and Parts Notes that have been added.

Key Number in Illustration
The key number in illustration search allows to the user to locate a key number on an  illustration while the user is in a PIC or QRI. Serial Number is required to use this search. Many times you may know the correct key number but cannot seem to locate what illustration it is used on. Entering the key number is this search will show you immediately what illustration(s) the key number is shown on and double clicking on the illustration number will open to that illustration for viewing.

Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog, Service Manual, Operator's Manual, Old Style Parts Manual, Wiring & Hydraulic Diagrams, Service Information, Technical Information, Service Videos
Size: 2.25GB
Region: All Regions
Version: Update 516/04.2021
Language: Deutsch English Français Español, Korean, Portuguese
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10 (32 Bit-x86 & 64 Bit-x64)