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Dynapac Compaction Equipment PartsBase Viewer Electronic Parts Books Catalog

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Product Description

Electronic parts catalog for Dynapac compaction equipment.

Why CatBase
If you are reading this now, you are probably acquainted with parts manuals. Most manuals today are created using word processors, graphics programs or desktop publishing packages. The result is a paper manual.
A parts book is a description of a machine, building or object composed of several parts, grouped together according to their construction. Often a diagram or drawing accompanies these lists of parts. Each part or assembly is represented by a number (usually quite long) that is used to reference more explicit information (description, ordering procedures, specifications and such).
When an object is composed of many different parts it is usually broken down into several assemblies, each illustrated and its parts referenced. In the case of an automobile, section headings could include "Power train", "Chassis", "Electrical", etc.
There are a number of disadvantages to using paper parts books. In the maintenance shop, the quality of the book eventually deteriorates with use. Pages become soiled and the manual becomes difficult to reference. Transcribing information from a manual or computer screen leads to frequent errors. Paper manuals are expensive to produce, distribute and maintain, are often labor intensive, requiring that engineering drawings be redrafted and that parts lists be retyped. Paper copies must be kept on file, creating storage problems and the quality of the manuals decreases as multiple generations of photocopies are made.

CatBase solves many of the problems associated with paper manuals. In combining databases, imaging and desktop publishing features CatBase allows you to create, manage, distribute and reference electronic and paper copies of your parts books, and unlike other imaging packages, has been specifically written to create and reference parts books.

It is easy to use, cost effective and can be directly integrated in your present computing environment. CatBase's architecture allows it to act as a front end to your mini (or mainframe) maintenance and materials handling programs.

Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog
Size: 364MB
Region: All Regions
Version: 5.15-13A/04.2004
Language: English French German Spanish Swedish
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (32 Bit-x86 & 64 Bit-x64)