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Poclain HC300, HC300L (Poclain Product) Crawler Excavator Technical Manual 8-38350 English

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Brand: CASE Construction / Poclain

Product Range: Crawler Excavator

Publication Type: Technical Manual

Equipment Model: HC300, HC300L (Poclain Product)

Serial Number: -

Publication Number: 8-38350

Issued: Printed in U.S.A. (Reprinted)

Language: English

Pages: 38

File Format: PDF Document

Additional Information: For Engine Repair, See the Engine Service Manual.


The HC300 is a public works hydraulic excavator comprising various sub-assemblies each having a particular role. It carries the track assembly composed of D8 type triple ribbed pads of 24" and 34" width. The assembly is supported by 1 upper roller and 7 lower rollers. These rollers are sealed for life (see drawing page 7)

Each track is independent of the other and is driven by a hydraulic motor through planetary reduction gear (see drawing page 4). The 2,400 c.c. motor develops a torque of 1,150 at 300 bars. The reduction gear incorporating two reductions of 16/34 and 18/50 result in a sprocket wheel torque of 9,250

Table of Contents


UnderCarriage/ Tracks/ Rollers

Shock Absorber

Slewing Ring/ Turret Chassis - Engine

Fuel Circuit

Air Filter

Hydraulic Circuit

Equipment Operation

Hydraulic Pumps

Turning Joint