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Scania Multi Trucks, Buses, Industrial and Marine Engine Spare Parts Catalog, Workshop Manual, Technical Service Information

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Product Description

The Scania Multi EPC application provides a comprehensive range of information, including Parts Catalogue, Workshop Manual for Scania trucks, buses, E2011, P96 Engines, and Labour times. This tool serves as a quick and efficient solution for identifying accurate parts and accessing correct service details for vehicles, industrial equipment, and marine engines under the Scania brand.

Through inputting the chassis number of a particular vehicle, the system will retrieve pertinent information tailored to that specific vehicle. It also offers a search option for general information; however, without a specific chassis number, the system's support might be limited in pinpointing the exact vehicle context for the provided information.

Spare parts: Catalogue with pictures.
Standard times: Standard times for different times on the vehicle.
Technical packages: Standard times and parts combined in different technical packages.
Service Exchange System: Link to the Scania Service Exchange System with PDF documents. Links to part numbers in the parts catalogue.
Accessories: Displays information about accessories for vehicles and drivers.
Workshop manual: Contains work descriptions, function descriptions, troubleshooting procedures and general information.
Technical information: Any particularly important information.
Inspections: Displays links to inspection forms and inspection instructions for the selected chassis.
Notes: Space for own comments.
Search: Information on a particular part.
Search replacement: Information about a replacement for a particular part.
SDP3: Opens SDP3. For this button to be visible, you must activate it by specifying a path to SDP3 in Multi Config.


The BTI structure is a structure designed for Scania's technical service information (spare parts, standard times and workshop manual). This is in order to enable the user to easily find all the technical information about a specific part.

Main group 00-39 is reserved for technical service information. Main group 40-49 is reserved for other factory functions that need to expand the structure in order to store information. Main group 50-99 is reserved for users of Scania MULTI and who wish to make a local expansion of the structure.

Scania models covered by the Multi EPC/Service system:

L, P, G, R, S series truck (2016-)

P, G, R, T series truck (2003-2018)

4 series truck (1994-2008)

3 series truck (1987-1996)

C, K series buses (2020-)

F, K, N series bus (2004-)

4 series bus (1994-2010)

3 series bus (1987-1999)

E2011 (2010-)

P96 (1996-2017)


This software includes this information for scania products and services:

00 General

01 Engine

02 Cooling system

03 Fuel and exhaust systems

04 Clutch

05 Gearbox

06 Propeller shaft

07 Front axle

08 Rear axle

09 Hubs and wheels

10 Brakes

11 Frame

12 Suspension

13 Steering

14 Engine control

16 Electrical system

17 Instruments

18 Cab

19 Complementary equipment

20 Load carrying bodywork

21 Trailer

22 User functions

43 Irizar Bus body

About Data Sources:

DATABASE: Multi_DVD_2303_1 - 4


CHASSIS: 20230306

ENGINES: 20230306

PARTS: 20230304



WSM: 20230227

WSM/PDF: 20230304


Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog, Workshop Manual, Service Information, Standard Times, Technical Information, Service Bulletin, Accessories Catalogue, Tool Sheets, Package
Size: 10.9GB
Region: All Regions
Language: Multilanguage
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11 (64 Bit-x64)