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Valeo Service Automotive Aftermarket Electronic Catalogue

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Product Description

The VALEO CD program contains a catalog of automobile equipment from the firm VALEO, including details of brake systems, couplings, starters, generators, various switches, filters, details of cooling and air conditioning systems, and SWF wiper blades. The VALEO CD catalog covers cars, minibuses, lorries, and buses.

The program allows users to search for specific details by model or original number, and provides information on the application of each detail. Additionally, users can filter their search by the make of the vehicle. The catalog also includes illustrations and photos of many of the details.

Vehicle selection via manufacturer and model series
You can search for the required vehicle in this section.
You can make a pre-selection by using the checkboxes PC and CV.
When both boxes are checked, all vehicles from both sections of the model series selection are considered (standard).

Should the expert modus be enabled, you can limit the vehicle selection by setting different criteria:
Engine type: Diesel, Petrol, etc.
Capacity: the flag +/-10% expands your selection.
Engine output: in kW or HP. The flag +/-10% expands your selection.

Select Engine
Here you can search for the required engine.
Various search methods are available.

1. Select a manufacturer from the list of Engine Manufacturers.
All engines of this manufacturer will be displayed.

2. Enter an Engine Code in the relevant dialogue box.
All engines relevant to this engine code will be displayed.

3. Enter a Sales Description in the relevant dialogue box.
All engines relevant to this sales description will be displayed.

Valeo Service is the Aftermarket Specialist serving both auto manufacturers with original equipment spares and the independent aftermarket with replacement parts and accessories for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog, Aftermarket, PDF Catalogue
Size: 1.99GB ISO File, 6.29GB Virtual Machine
Region: All Regions
Version: 04.2009
Language: Multilanguage
Operating System: Windows XP, Virtual Machine (Already installed and ready to use/for Win7 - Win11 x64)