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Volvo Construction Equipment Product Support Information System Volvo PROSIS Offline 2006

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Product Description

PROSIS - Product Support Info System from Volvo Construction Equipment

PROSIS is a tool used to quickly find the right spare parts and the right service information for machines from Volvo Construction Equipment. PROSIS is based on finding information using the function group structure, but you can also search for information in other ways.

PROSIS consists of a number of subsystems that contain different types of service information, which you recognize from the service manuals (e.g., service bulletins, specifications, time guide and tools). You can work in parallel in these subsystems as you can have several manuals open at the same time. Spare part information is special and has functions such as, e.g., adding spare part to order, but otherwise it functions like the others.

Product Range

Articulated Haulers Volvo BM

Articulated Haulers Volvo

Articulated Haulers Volvo D-series

Excavators Åkerman, EC130-EW200, Attach. Buckets

Excavators Åkerman, EC230-EC650, Attach. Buckets

Excavators Volvo, non-current production, EC130C-EW230B, Attach. Buckets

Excavators Volvo, non-current production, EC280-EC650, Attach. Buckets

Excavators Volvo, EC135B-EC180B, Attach. Buckets

Excavators Volvo EC210-EC460

Excavators Volvo EC210B-EC700B

Wheeled Excavators Volvo, non-current production EW130-EW170/EW180

Wheeled Excavators Volvo B-series

Motor Graders Volvo

Wheel Loaders Volvo BM, Attach. Buckets, Attach. Misc.

Wheel Loaders Volvo, L50C-L120C, Attach. Buckets, Attach. Misc.

Wheel Loaders Volvo, L150C-L330C, Attach. Buckets, Attach. Misc.

Wheel Loaders Volvo D-series, Attach. Buckets, Attach. Misc.

Volvo Wheel Loaders L50E-L120E

Volvo Wheel Loaders L150E-L330E

Old products Volvo BM, Attach. Buckets

Volvo Compact Wheel Loaders, Volvo Backhoe Loaders, Volvo Skid Steer Loaders

Volvo Compact Excavators


Spare Part Information

The spare parts information in PROSIS is integrated with other service information such as, e.g., service bulletins, descriptions, specifications, tools, etc., so that you can access all available information types, in parallel, for the machine you work with and freely jumpbetween information types without getting lost. The spare part information is also connected to the subsystems spare parts order and work orderand you can easily add parts from the spare part information in an order by clicking on the spare part rows or respective "hot spots". You find the section in the spare part information that you look for by first selecting model in the product navigator and then go down through the function group structure with the navigator.

Service Information Types

In PROSIS 4.0, the service manuals are back again. The service information is still divided in a number of information types (Safety, Specifications, Tools and Service manual), but some of them have been retrieved back to the service manual for information types to give a better overview of the information in the navigator.

PROSIS 4.0 has the following information types: General information, Safety, Specifications, Service bulletins, Service manuals, Parts catalogue, General spare part information, Time guide, Tools and Installation instructions. Components is included as information type and functions mainly like the others, except when it comes to cross jump. Spare part information is a special case with special characteristics. From the different information types you can reach all relevant functions with the toolbar. All these functions are also available via the menus. The function Print includes printing of a document or only the images.


In PROSIS, there are several ways to search for information. One of the most powerful ways is the search function or, rather, the search functions. There are several search methods, each one adapted to its special context. When you have selected a model or a component in the product navigator the search button is activated in the toolbar. This means that you, for all models available within this product model, can search for:

Spare part numbers or designations in the spare part information.

Special equipment based on equipment number, description or kit number.

Headings in the service information or the spare part information 

Images/figures in the service information or the spare part information

Service bulletins based on bulletin number and/or bulletin title. 

Search installation instructions based on equipment number, descriptions or kit number

Search for customer in the customer archive.

Search for a machine card in the machine card archive.

Search for freetext in the service information.

Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog, Service Manual, Service Bulletins, Installation Instruction, Diagrams, Specifications Manual, General Information, Safety Manual, Time Guide, Tools
Size: 12GB ISO File, 18.4GB Virtual Machine
Region: All Regions
Version: 01.2006
Language: Chinese English French German Japanese Korean Spanish Swedish
Operating System: Windows XP, Virtual Machine (Already installed and ready to use/for Win7 - Win11 x64)