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Volvo Construction Equipment Product Support Information System (Volvo PROSIS Offline) Parts Catalog, Service and Maintenance Information

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Product Description

PROSIS is a tool used to quickly find the right spare parts and the right service information for machines from Volvo Construction Equipment. PROSIS is based on finding information using the function group structure, but you can also search for information in other ways.

PROSIS consists of a number of subsystems that contain different types of service information, which you recognize from the service manuals (e.g., service bulletins, specifications, wiring and hydraulic diagrams, time guide and special tools catalog). You can work in parallel in these subsystems as you can have several manuals open at the same time. Regardless of which information type you want to work with, always start by selecting product model.

Search Parts
Under the first flap in the dialogue box Search you can search for spare parts in the spare part information with the spare part number or designation.
You can limit your search to a function group or you can search in all function groups. You can also limit the search to the model in question or you can search in all models that are included in one and the same product model.

What is Smart diagrams?

• Smart diagrams provide an interactive way of visualizing *electrical schematic diagrams with quick access to related information and functions. (Hydraulic and Pneumatic schematic diagrams are not covered)

• Smart diagrams increase technicians ability to find and repair electrical faults in Volvo CE machines. Up to 80% faster fault tracing is possible leading to increased machine uptime.

• Smart diagrams will cover all new machine models released after October 26, 2020

• New diagrams are released and made available as they are finalized, daily or weekly

• Smart diagrams update in PROSIS Offline follow the PROSIS Offline cycle, currently released 4 times/year

The VCE electrical and electronic systems are advanced machine systems. Rapid development and complexity of these systems requires an advanced diagnostic tool across new Volvo CE products. Currently, 20% of machine faults are related to these systems which may take extended time to diagnose and repair.

The use of electric and electronic system will increase with coming machine generations. New systems like electro hybrid system, operators assist systems and autonomous machine systems bring an exponentially increasing number of diagrams. Quick troubleshooting and repairs of machines is crucial. Static diagrams do not support the technicians need for precise tracing and component location that Smart diagrams will provide.

News PROSIS NT Offline:

PROSIS Offline 2023 release 2

Data in this release is extracted 2023-04-15.

Added model/ component variants in this release:

- AHW91 (17513510)

- AHW91 (17515236)

- AHW91 (17518365)

- AHW91 (17520289)

- ARB/H40 56168

- ARB/H40 56169

- ARB/H40 56170

- P6720D LC4

- P6820D LC4

- P7820D LC4

- P8820D LC4

- R60E


Tips: If you have any questions regarding the coverage of our model, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to verify whether your model is accurately reflected in the application.

Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog, Service and Maintenance Information, Repair Manual, Schematic Diagrams, Diagnostics, Service Bulletins, Service Tips, Installation Instruction, Safety Manual, Specifications Manual, Operator's Information, Special Tools Catalog, Time Guide, Hydro Analysis, Inspection Programme, Service Programme, Care Inspection, Machine Cards, Hose Recipes, Smart Diagrams
Size: 76.3GB
Region: All Regions
Language: Multilanguage
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11 (64 Bit-x64)