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Volvo Impact Europe Trucks and Buses Parts Catalog + Service Information

$ 100.00 USD

Product Description

Spare parts catalog for Volvo Trucks & Buses. Volvo Impact includes technical information on repair, spare parts, diagnostics, service bulletins, diagrams.
Volvo Impact is a web based system that supports the workshops with information about Parts, Components, Standard parts, Service, Standard time, and Tools.
Volvo Impact DVD gives you the possibility to search and read Service and spare Part information from Volvo Group. The Impact DVD is a real stand-alone solution of Impact Online. All information is stored locally on a server or hard drive and there is no communication to other systems.

Select Chassis ID, VIN, or Model
We recommend that you always use the Chassis ID or VIN when you search in the Navigator. The system filters away non-relevant information, making it obsolete to select model or variant. When you search for information based on Model, the search result will be wider and less specific compared to using Chassis ID or VIN. To get more specific information you need to manually select values for variant, chassis number series, or other parameters.

Parts Information Types
The parts information is divided into different information types. This helps you to narrow down your search result and to reduce response time.
Parts Catalogue: Information about all vehicle parts.
Exchange: Information about exchange core handling.
TPI (Technical Parts Information): Information that describes complex part solutions.

Service Information Types
The service information is divided into different information types. This helps you to narrow down your search result and to reduce response time.
All Service Information: Covers all information types.
Bulletins/Information: Rebuilding information for tools and, for the USA, campaign-related information as well.
Description, Design and Function: Design and function, posters etc.
Diagnostics: Descriptions and work operations for fault tracing guided by symptoms and fault codes.
Forms: Different kind of forms.
General Information: Information which cannot be related to a special function or component, i.e. welding, fault tracing or abbreviations.
Repair: Work operations for correcting identified faults, i.e. replacement, overhaul, adjustment, checking, as well as removal/refitting, dismantling/assembly.
Schematic Diagrams: Wiring diagrams and braking diagrams etc.
Service and Maintenance: Descriptions and work operations of a preventive nature, i.e. in conjunction with delivery, warranty claims and regular service.
Specifications: Specifications of components, systems, tightening torque, etc.

Change Over Information in the Search Result
When searching for a chassis ID or VIN, you may get Change Over information in the search result. Change Over means that a modification has been done to the vehicle and this is highlighted with a link at the top of the search result. The link will open the Details tab with a list of all changes made to the vehicle.

Service Information Search Result
The search result is presented in columns by function group, title, info type, operation and date. This allows the user to rearrange the information by preference. This is done by clicking on the header arrows above each column. When there is more than one version of an information section, a pop-up window will appear when clicking on the section. In the pop-up window the information is grouped by description (model and variant), and additional there is also the publish date of the information. Click on relevant row to present information, or click Cancel to close the pop-up.

Volvo Impact DVD in Tech Tool
If an Impact DVD is installed to a client with Tech Tool application, the application will be installed as a sub-application to Tech Tool and as a separate client. You access Impact DVD through the TechTool menu, as you do with the other TechTool sub-applications or through the Start menu.

Volvo Impact DVD covers the following models:
B0E (3)
B11R (3)
B5LH (3)
B5LHC (3)
B5TL (3)
B8L (3)
B8R (3)
DE (3)
FE (3)
FH (4)
FL (3)
FM (4)

Additional Information

Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog, Service and Maintenance Information, Schematic Diagrams, Diagnostics, Standard Parts, Standard Times, General Information, Specifications, Service Bulletins/Information
Size: 65.5GB
Region: Europe
Version: 8137/11.2018
Language: Multilanguage
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10 (32 Bit-x86 & 64 Bit-x64)